Genuine Nigerian Wedding Nneka & Chukwudi You Knock Me Off My Feet Wedding Digest NaijaHow We Met By NnekaFirst time we met was in 2001 and I was in high school then. Chudy as I fondly call him was my elder brother's friend. On this fateful day, I went to serve my brother food and there Chudy was, playing game with my brother. We exchanged greetings and I can vividly remember thinking "wow, that guy is hot" lollatter that same day I went to his house with my brother and there we exchanged numbers.

light blue prom dresses We were friends for two years, talking on the phone and all but then one day in my first year as a law student in 2003 unique cocktail dresses , he sent me a text which reads "I Love You". My heart skipped when I read his message because I was already so in love with him then so of cause I replied I love you too although we were not officially dating. We were still talking over the phone because we were in different schools. cheap lace prom dress But on July 20th 2005 which was on his birthday, I went to his school to see him and I just had to ask him if we were official and he said yes. We had our first kiss that day which is funny seeing as we have been in love for over two years. He proposed on new year's eve exactly at 12:00 am 1st January 2015. We were both laying on the bed and just as it was 12am he tapped me, I turned to face him and there the ring was then he popped the question and yeah I said yes taffeta bridesmaid dresses .

wedding dresses for beach weddings Tell us a bit about the wedding in your own words. Best day of my life because I was opportune to marry my best friend with all the love I got from friends I family. I felt so special and loved although there was a bit of wedding hiccups because nothing ever goes as perfectly as planned when it comes to wedding but I consoled myself that "no matter what happens, he is going to be yours from today so just endure"Any unique or interesting elements you want to point outChudy has groomed me to be a better person since I met him. On the other hand he is sooo not romantic and till date I am still trying to make him be. But romantic or not, I know he loves me and I am happy to be his wife.
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